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2023 John Monash Oration

23 November 2023

So much of what I have done – and hope to do as Attorney-General – concerns transparency and accountability.

Not as an end in itself.

A bad government that is transparent is not better than a bad government that is not.

But transparency has a tendency to make governments and institutions be better, if only out of a sense of self-preservation.

Motion condemning Hamas attacks on Israel

16 October 2023

Anti-Semitism has been called “the longest hatred” – the Nazis did not invent it. And, as the events of the last week have demonstrated all too tragically, Anti-Semitism did not end when the Nazis were defeated.

United With Israel Rally

13 October 2023

Tonight, more than 75 years since Australia supported the creation of the state of Israel, my message to you on behalf of the Prime Minister and the Australian Government – your government – is simple: Australia stands as one with Israel and the people of Israel.

Strengthening Australian Democracy - ALP National Conference

18 August 2023

Labor’s commitment to a strong Australian democracy is about a democracy that works for the Australian people, not just for elected officials. Labor knows – in opposition and in government – that Australia’s strong democratic traditions are precious and must be protected.

Lawyers As Changemakers - Sir Zelman Cowen Centre

28 July 2023

We all have a responsibility to be aware of the Constitution and its importance. It is we, the Australian people, who are ultimately responsible for maintaining and amending the Constitution to meet the changing and growing needs of our nation. This year, the Australian people will be asked to vote in a referendum to recognise the First Peoples of Australia by enshrining an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice in the Constitution. It’s an historic moment in Australia’s journey to reconciliation. It is not an easy journey – as I have said already, changing the Australian constitution is hard – but I am confident that Australians will embrace this opportunity.

National Modern Slavery Conference 2023

29 June 2023

Modern slavery - including human trafficking, forced labour, and forced marriage - are abhorrent crimes that have no place in our society.

National Access to Justice and Pro Bono Conference

23 June 2023

The vital work that this sector does is not lost upon me. As Attorney-General, my focus is on ensuring that the sector is not only adequately resourced, but also that the administrative obligations on the sector are proportionate and reasonable.

Intelligence Services Legislation Amendment Bill 2023

22 June 2023

The task of the Parliament is to strike a balance between the protection of Australia’s essential security interests and the preservation of essential rights and freedoms. Key to achieving this balance is strong and effective safeguards and oversight.

Crimes Legislation Amendment Combatting Foreign Bribery Bill 2023

22 June 2023

This Bill demonstrates the Government's commitment to combatting foreign bribery and ensuring our laws are effective in detecting, investigating and prosecuting foreign bribery.

Counter-Terrorism Legislation Amendment (Prohibited Hate Symbols and Other Measures) Bill 2023

14 June 2023

The Counter-Terrorism Legislation Amendment (Prohibited Hate Symbols and Other Measures) Bill 2023 makes critical changes to the Commonwealth Criminal Code to support law enforcement in their efforts to manage and protect the community from those planning, preparing and inspiring others to do harm.