Member for Isaacs


Australian Centre to Counter Child Exploitation

09 September 2022

Children are the most precious and vulnerable members of our community. The Government is committed to building on the vital work already underway in partnership with industry and the non-government sector to protect children from sexual abuse.

Accountability Round Table Integrity Awards

05 September 2022

The integrity of Australia’s public institutions lies at the heart of the Australian Government’s capability to deliver social, political and economic outcomes in the public interest.

International Holocaust Remembrance Day

05 September 2022

Tackling racism and prejudice—including anti-Semitism—is everyone's responsibility, and, as Attorney-General in the new Albanese government, I will be looking for ways in which the Commonwealth can do more to combat antisemitism.

State of the Nation Address - 19th National Family Law Conference

15 August 2022

The Albanese Government is committed to restoring the family law system so that it is accessible, safe, properly resourced, simpler to use, and delivers justice and fairness for all Australian families.

Australian Women Lawyers 2022 National Conference

15 August 2022

The Albanese Government is wasting no time delivering commitments to make women’s lives safer and more equitable.

Australian Human Rights Commission Legislation Amendment Bill

27 July 2022

The Australian Human Rights Commission Legislation Amendment (Selection and Appointment) Bill 2022 will ensure appointments to the Australian Human Rights Commission are made through a merit-based and transparent process.

Restoring a human rights-based approach - Castan Centre Speech

22 July 2022

The Albanese Government believes all people are entitled to respect, equality, dignity and the opportunity to participate in the social, cultural and economic life of our nation.

But principled statements about the importance of human rights are not enough – the onus is now on us, the new Albanese Labor Government, to make the necessary changes to enshrine these values in the laws of our nation.

Respect@Work Council Forum Opening Remarks

07 July 2022

The Respect@Work Report, and a range of more recent reports and inquiries, continue to highlight the unacceptable levels of workplace sexual harassment in Australia.

Remembering Moses (Moss) Henry Cass

06 June 2022

Moses Henry Cass, who was ‘Moss’ to almost everyone who knew him, and now to history as well, was a man of conviction, of courage, and of vision.  

Australian Bar Association Conference 2022

30 April 2022

As the First Law Officer of the Commonwealth, the Attorney-General should fulfill a vital role in defending and uphold the rule of law.  I do not believe that any of the Liberal Attorneys-General over the last nine years have fulfilled that vital function.  To the contrary, a number of their actions have harmed the rule of law.