Member for Isaacs


The Importance Of Integrity In Government

27 August 2020

The ever-growing list of scandals involving the Morrison Government shows why Australia urgently needs a powerful and independent national integrity commission.

PJCIS Inquiry Into The Impact Of The Exercise Of Law Enforcement And Intelligence

26 August 2020

The Intelligence and Security Committee has unanimously concluded that existing Australian law does not adequately protect freedom of the press, or the public's right to know, and significant reforms are needed.

90 Second Statement - China

26 August 2020

It’s time that the Morrison Government started properly managing our international relations instead of chasing headlines.

National Integrity Commission - 90 Second Statement

17 June 2020

Tackling corruption is not a priority for the Morrison Government.

Matter Of Public Importance - The Damage Caused By Robodebt

11 June 2020

The truth is: The government has known for years that the Prime Minister's Robodebt scheme was illegal. The truth is that the government has known for years that the Prime Minister's Robodebt scheme was harming Australians. They were told time and time and time again. They covered it up. And now they want everyone to move on. Well, Labor will not be moving on. We will hold this Prime Minister and his grubby government to account. Australian taxpayers will have to foot the bill for the Prime Minister's $1 billion extortion racket, but it is this Prime Minister and his government who will forever wear the shame. And, no matter how long it takes, they will be held accountable.

Robodebt Constituency Statement

10 June 2020

The Morrison Government's Robodebt scheme is a cruel and cowardly extortion racket that intimidated innocent and vulnerable Australians into paying debts they did not owe.

Mike Kelly Retirement

14 May 2020

I rise to pay tribute to a great Labor member and a great Australian Mike Kelly, the former member for Eden Monaro.

Inquiry Into Class Actions

13 May 2020

Litigation funding and class actions provide a vital path to justice for ordinary Australians trying to uphold their rights against wealthy defendants with vastly greater resources.

Privacy Amendment (Public Health Contact Information ) Bill 2020

12 May 2020

Since the beginning of this public health crisis, Labor's focus has been on saving lives and saving jobs.

Malka Leifer - Private Members Business

10 February 2020

The preceding speakers - I thank them all for the contributions they've made to this debate - have thoroughly set out the background facts of this matter.