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Opinion pieces

Thuggish attacks on the Human Rights Commission should not be tolerated

17 February 2015

Australia wants governments with the ability to weather criticism with dignity, that have the integrity not to attack those institutions we have put deliberately beyond their control. Abbott and his ministers should be ashamed of themselves.

George Brandis, The Dangerously Divisive Attorney General

12 May 2014

The vast majority of the Australian public have made it clear that they utterly reject Brandis' deeply misguided views about bigotry in public debate.

We Can All Be Proud Of This Victory

03 April 2014

Australians from all sides of politics should be proud of the principled position our nation has taken against commercial whaling, a position we have fought for since the time of Prime Ministers Malcolm Fraser and Bob Hawke. And Australians from all sides of politics should be proud that with this legal victory we have brought an end to Japan's whaling program - a program that has killed over 10,000 whales under the guise of scientific research.

Libs' sovereign risk talk is a cheap shot

01 November 2011

Opposition Leader Tony Abbott and the Liberals have made it clear that they will oppose every government policy - lobbing everything they've got at us by way of attack.

Making an ally of the land in the fight against climate change

01 November 2011

The creation of the Biodiversity Fund demonstrates Labor's continued commitment to deliver good outcomes for the Australian environment.

Stop campaigning against our economy

01 November 2011

Australians are proud of their economy and so they should be - it is one of the strongest in the advanced world.

Labor - a tradition of reform

01 November 2011

This week marks 20 years since the superannuation guarantee was announced in the 1991 budget by then Labor treasurer John Kerin; an announcement that laid the groundwork for the superannuation system as we know it today.

Mr No says yes: Abbott stokes dissent

01 November 2011

Mr Abbott said on national TV you can't believe anything he says, so there's every chance he won't honour his pledge to leave in place the increase in the super guarantee, which of course will mean Australian workers retiring with lower savings while hugely profitable mining companies get a tax break.

Coalition's carbon deceit

01 November 2011

Julie Bishop's criticism that Australian businesses should not be able to buy international carbon permits reveals the complete rejection of basic economics that underpins the opposition's completely discredited climate change policy.

More wrecking from Abbott

01 November 2011

Of all the objectionable lies that Opposition Leader Tony Abbott has told, the latest load of nonsense about repealing the Clean Energy Future is the most damaging to Australia.