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Opinion pieces

A safer, simpler and more child focused family law system

28 March 2023

The Albanese Government is now acting to make sure the family law system is focused on what is best for children.

We Need A Prime Minister Who Unites - Not Divides

04 March 2022

At a time when we need a leader who can bring Australians together, Mr Morrison seems determined to promote division and disunity if he sees partisan political advantage in doing so, whether it be on China, Israel or protecting people of faith from discrimination.

Attack On ICAC Shows Up Government's Lack Of Integrity

13 December 2021

The Government’s refusal to honour its election promise is allowing corruption to go unchecked, enabling ministers to avoid being held to account and undermining public and international confidence in the Australian Government.  

Labor will end the inaction by establishing a powerful, transparent and independent national anti-corruption commission 

A Thousand Days Since Morrison's Promise, There's Still No Anti-Corruption Commission

08 September 2021

The only conclusion we can draw from the fact it’s now been 1,000 days without the national anti-corruption commission Scott Morrison promised us back in 2018 is he never had any interest in introducing one. 

PM's Palmer Aid A $1 Million Folly

16 August 2021

The Morrison Government chose a side by throwing the whole weight of the Commonwealth Government behind Clive Palmer, hoping to convince the High Court to strike down the McGowan Government’s border measures and hand Palmer a victory.

Labor's Policy On Israel And The Palestinian Territories

12 April 2021

The tragic conflict between Israelis and Palestinians and the fraught peace process in which they have been involved for generations is too important to be used by politicians desperate to be noticed by their colleagues.

Strong Safeguards Essential For Contact Tracing App

24 April 2020

Technology will play an important role in combating the COVID-19 pandemic and Labor welcomes the fact that the Morrison Government is working on a contact tracing app

Morrison Dismissed Parliament As a Result of Coronavirus, But Should He Have?

14 April 2020

It is not the Parliament's job to serve the interests of the Australian Government. Its job is to serve the interests of the Australian people. That vital function must not be placed into hibernation during a time of crisis.

The Government is Treating the Media Raids As Business As Usual

07 June 2019

Press freedom is vital to our democracy of course it is. But you don't really appreciate the meaning of that sentence until photos appear of police officers in a journalist's house, flicking through her cookbooks looking for evidence of a crime. Or until you see footage of police officers sitting in the ABC cracking into a hard drive, just a day later.

Robert McClelland Knew The Story behind Modern Families

19 October 2018

It has taken more than 40 years for the Family Court's existence to be threatened. But that is happening now.