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Media Releases

Morrison Government Must Come Clean on Dyson Heydon Settlement

14 February 2022

The Morrison Government must reveal why it is keeping secret its financial settlement to some of the victims of disgraced former High Court Justice Dyson Heydon. 

Morrison ‘Rearranges Truth To A Lie’ On Support For Clive Palmer's WA Border Challenge

14 February 2022

Scott Morrison’s claim in Question Time that his support for Clive Palmer’s challenge to Western Australia’s borders was ‘normal convention’ is yet another example of Barnaby Joyce’s observation ‘how earnestly he rearranges the truth to a lie’. 

Religious Discrimination Bill

09 February 2022

Labor supports the extension of the federal anti-discrimination framework to ensure that Australians are not discriminated against because of their religious beliefs or activities.
Labor believes religious organisations and people of faith have the right to act in accordance with the doctrines, beliefs or teachings of their traditions and faith.
But as we have made clear from the outset, any extension of the federal anti-discrimination framework should not come at the expense of existing laws that protect Australians from other forms of discrimination.

Cash Confirms Anti-Corruption Commission Another Morrison Failure

07 February 2022

The Attorney-General has today confirmed Scott Morrison cannot be trusted by the Australian people to establish a national anti-corruption commission. 

Resignation Of AAT President

01 February 2022

Labor acknowledges the resignation of the President of the Administrative Appeals Tribunal and thanks him for his service on the Tribunal.

Morrison's Record - Australia's Worst Ever Ranking On Corruption

28 January 2022

The Morrison Government’s rorting and failure to tackle corruption has dragged Australia down to its lowest level on record in Transparency International’s latest Corruption Perceptions Index. 

Labor Welcomes Australian Republic Movement Proposal For An Australian Head Of State

12 January 2022

Labor congratulates the Australian Republic Movement (ARM) on the release of its proposed model for an Australian Head of State.

Tackling Elder Abuse Needs Action Now

26 December 2021

The long overdue National Elder Abuse Prevalence Study confirms the shocking cost of the Morrison Government’s failure to take action to protect older Australians.

Morrison's Three Long Years Of Broken Promises On Corruption

13 December 2021

Today marks the third anniversary of Scott Morrison’s 2019 election promise to establish a national anti-corruption commission. Three years later, nothing has happened. To this day, Mr Morrison has still not even brought a bill before the Parliament.

The Morrison-Joyce Government is Failing Veterans

10 December 2021

Veterans and other Australians are suffering massive delays in the Administrative Appeals Tribunal, in large part because the Morrison-Joyce Government has stacked the Tribunal with an ever-growing number of Liberal mates who can’t or won’t do their jobs.