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Tackling climate change and the economy

Almost every advance in climate policy in Australia has been the result of the work of Labor in the face of a deliberate and destructive campaign by the Prime Minister and his ministers.

My Commitment to tackling climate change

I am firmly committed to climate change. As Cabinet Secretary and Parliamentary Secretary for Climate Change and Energy Efficiency, Labor delivered the Clean Energy Bills - the most comprehensive climate change laws and strategies ever produced in Australia. When introduced, emissions started coming down. The Liberal Party stripped away these policies.

Tackling climate change will produce extraordinary economic growth and prosperity for Australia.

Tackling climate change will also drive unmatched conservation efforts to restore, manage and protect our environment. Everyone will benefit now, and in the future, including Australia’s magnificent landscape and wildlife.

We must get on with tackling climate change. And we need clear leadership. Australia and the world need to take action because it cannot be left to future generations. We have got to invest in cheaper, cleaner energy to stop the climate emergency.

This is our nation’s next big economic boom. Modelling continues to show that if given the green light, businesses will innovate across the nation, investment in new technologies will dramatically increase, and thousands and thousands of new jobs will be created.

Jobs will be created in our neighbourhoods, suburbs, cities and states and territories. Our lifestyles, health and well-being will dramatically improve and so will the environment and our hip pockets.

Tackling climate change will blend new jobs with traditional industry job

s. Plumbers, electricians, maintenance workers, construction, truck drives, health care workers, teachers, doctors, builders, engineers, and the art and tourism industries will be better off – we will all be better off.

To suggest that tackling climate change will hurt the economy is utterly false. Just as the mining boom was, Australia's future economic growth and prosperity, and environmental conservation will be driven by tackling climate change.

In July 2013 Mark led Australia’s winning case against Japan’s whaling regime at the International Court of Justice in The Hague.


In 2010, I was appointed as Cabinet Secretary and Parliamentary Secretary for Climate Change and Energy Efficiency. I worked closely with the Prime Minister on Cabinet matters and with the Minister for Climate Change and Energy Efficiency to put a price on carbon, improve our energy efficiency and increase our use of renewable energy.