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The cost of child care is too expensive but it shouldn't be!

If you want cheaper fees and more money in your pocket, a Labor Government will be on your side - Always.

The problem is many families can't even afford it because under the Abbott, Turnbull and Morrison Governments, fees have increased more than 35%. 

At the next election, we will be fighting for cheaper child care.

Not interested in the detail?

Here's one way to look at it.

It means a whopping $24 billion a year jackpot for the Australian economy. More jobs and more money to spend.  

What it means for you!

More money in your pocket.

Going backwards?

The high cost of childcare is a job stopper. It is literally stopping people from heading back to the work - particularly women.


In a nutshell, if they do head back to work, the extra income is mashed through tax rates, Family Tax Benefit and Child Care Subsidy conditions and extra out-of-pocket expenses meaning it's just not worth it.

For many families, it means they will go backwards

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